Wednesday, January 28, 2009

KCBS Banquet, Nashville, Tennessee

This past weekend, my sister and I drove down to the KCBS banquet in Nashville, Tennessee. I was driving because I had to pick up a barrel that Marsha Russell was bringing me from Lynchburg. I am going to use it as a stand for my Jack trophy. My boy Podge, from Moonswiners gave me the idea. My ceilings in my family room weren't tall enough for a full barrel, so that is why I got a half one. It turned out nice and I will post pictures of it, once I get my camera to be able to download. Ah the joys of not having enough time in the day!

But back on topic. This was the first time that the annual KCBS banquet was outside of Kansas City. So in that sense it was different for me. We tried to go to Prince's Chicken for lunch. I'm not going to post a link, as we were not able to eat lunch there, as they didn't open until 2:00 pm!!! So much for our 12:30 lunch. Liz Anne and I headed over to the hotel for check in and get a little rest after the 7 hour drive. Instead we got to meet and greet folks in the lobby and then over in the KCBS hospitality room. Where we were able to purchase our tickets for the contests raffle. More on the raffle later.

We headed down to the banquet for cocktails. Went to get a cocktail to find out that they were not serving Jack Daniel's!!! Only that stuff from Kentucky... I hated to do it to the bartenders, but I had to pull out my Squires card and get the banquet manager over. Let's just say that we were able to drink Jack in the state that makes it famous....

My team had a great 2008 season. We were fortunate enough to win 5 Grand Championships and 4 Reserve Grand Championships last year. We were honored with a 8th place medal in Overall for KCBS Team of the Year. I've got to say, it's pretty cool. I never thought that I would ever be in that position. I will cherish it right up there with my Jack trophy. I guess you have to say that you will do better next year, but that is easier said than done. But I know I will give it a go!!!

Back to the contest raffle. It is one of the highlights for the banquet for me. I love the trading and seeing who is going where and meeting new people and buying/trading entries. I was able to get 11 entries for contests this year. I was lucky enough to win some contests that I was planning on going to and then buying some from folks too. I got some good deals on some trades and I gave away a few too, just because it was for friends.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Dr. Dave Covington from Minnesota, donated 5 contest entries for me to try and raise some money for my foundation. I'll do something with them on eBay and hopefully we will be able to raise some additional funds. Know your dad is smiling Dave. I thank you.

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