Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Update

We started our 2010 BBQ comp season on April 2nd. I plan to cut back on a few contests this year as it is just wearing me out having to wear so many hats. Our first stop was Benton, Kentucky. Which was our 25th state that we have officially competed in!!! Yahoo!!! we are half way there! We ended up taking the Grand Championship, which is an awesome way to start the year! That is all of us with the Taterness herself... She was the queen of Tater Days. Yep Tater Days... So I have now been photographed in my BBQ career with the Pork Queen and the Tater Queen. So I have that going for me...

The next weekend we made the trip down to NE Mississippi to Columbus, Mississippi. It is about 40 miles south of Tupelo, where Elvis was born. I have some pictures, but they are still on my camera. But let me just say, the Wisteria that grows down there like weeds, is just awesome! We finished in 6th overall. We had some good stuff, but was happy with our results. Also, Mississippi was officially our 26th state that we have competed!!! Here is our updated map. Scares me just looking at it...

Hope to see you all out on the road.

Cancer Sucks!



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