Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Off to Stagecoach Music Fest in Indio, California

I will be cooking at the Stagecaoch Music Fest this weekend in Indio, California. I will be using Thom Emery's FE and will also be borrowing equipment from a bunch of friends from the AZ Barbeque. Should be a great format, as we will be cooking 2 KCBS contests and also a IBCA contest, with a KCBS and IBCA turn-ins on Saturday. Here is our turn-in schedule for the Saturday KCBS/IBCA contests:

IBCA Chicken 10:40 am
KCBS Chicken 11:00 am
KCBS Ribs 11:30 am
IBCA Ribs 11:40 am
KCBS Pork 12:00 pm
KCBS Brisket 12:30 pm
IBCA 12:40 pm

My friend Robin came out to Rio Rancho and picked up some of my meat and other supplies. Other than that, I will be living out of my van and my Ez-Up. I'll drive over to Indio from Tucson on Friday afternoon. Really looking forward to it and I hope it's not too warm in the desert! OK, mybe just a little, as I understand the girls like to wear outfits like this. Gary Notley took this one last year at Stagecoach... I can't wait!!!

Hope to meet some new friends in Indio!!!

Cancer Sucks!



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