Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stillwater, Oklahoma

This was our second contest on the girls spring break. It is also officially our 20th state that we have competed!!! It sorta amazes me that we have been able to cook in that many different states in a little over 3 years.

We were able to take our time in coming over from Rio Rancho and Amarillo. We took the RV for a wash and then we stopped for some Popeye's chicken. The girls had a craving. A few teams had already set-up and left from the Elk's Lodge parking lot in Stillwater. It's funny how different parts or regions are different. Some regions, everyone is there by Thursday night and a huge party is going on. Others like Stillwater, were way more laid back. Maybe it's because they are all stick burners and don't need to start cooking early? I'd probably agree with that, but there are a lot of Cookshack/Fast Eddy cookers coming out of that state too and Cookshack is based out of Ponca City, OK.

On Friday late morning the pits started rolling in. Obviously the car wash opened up and the new Geer pits rolled in too... This one is Little Pig Town's pit.

The next one, which might be the coolest looking Jambo I have seen, belongs to Buffalo's BBQ. Donny might of even smiled.. OK, maybe a little snicker showing her off. ;-) I just love the high gloss on the barrel. The ghost flames are very cool as well!!! Good job Donny!

I was exhausted from being on the road for over a week, so I was laying low. Which worked out great, as it was an early 11:00 am turn-in for chicken. I was real happy with all 4 categories. We got 6th place ribs and 4th place pork. We were also rewarded with 47th place chicken and 42nd place brisket!!??? OK, not going to complain, I obviously can't cook chicken and brisket the way that they do in Oklahoma... But to me, those are scores for spitting out your food. Oh well, we'll get them next time!!!

The Grand Champion was won by Butcher BBQ. Congrats go out to David and Martin. David sure did put the whooping on everybody that weekend. Couldn't of happened to a nicer guy though. He was also on a little run, as he had just won the IBCA cookoff in Tulsa the prior week.

We beat out of the contest, or as we like to say, I was throwing gravel... We had about 11 more hours of driving to get back home and I wanted to try and knock off as much as I could on Saturday afternoon. It was a long vacation and my bed is calling!

Until we meet again.

Cancer Sucks!



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