Monday, May 25, 2009

Westmont, Illinois!!! Home town contest!!!

Woo hoo, Memorial Day weekend and it's my home town contest. Have worked with the contest organizer, Jim Addington to try and have this as a premier cooks contest. Jim and his crew are tireless in trying to take care of us. If they ever side, they will always side with the cooks...

I pulled in to the park on Friday night, as this is a Saturday/Sunday contest. I was over by Dr. Porkenstein, Quau, Twyford BBQ, Smokey Joel and KRE. A whole group of us went to Uncle Bub's BBQ, which is a local restaurant. The guys all know Mark and Jay as they try and compete whenever they have free time from their busy restaurant and catering business. Well, what a feast that these guys put on for us!!! Every time I turned my head, we had another platter of appetizers or food coming out. Thanks to Uncle Bub's for the feast!!!

We started the Sunday off with a service from Reverend Twyford and a offering from Phillip Brazier who brought us a special treat from Lynchburg... All I can say is ahhhh... ;-) Thanks Phillip and Kathy for coming another year! Sure is nice to get y'all up here...

My food was all turning out how I had wanted. I was real happy with all my turn-ins. The judges thought otherwise... We managed to score 40th out of 45 teams for pork... To me, that is spit out of your mouth disgusting... Oh well. I finally got a call for my 6th place brisket, so at least I wasn't shut-out!!! We did get a nice 23rd place finish in the overall..... lol I am not changing a thing, as I know that my stuff wasn't bad. The good part is that my good friend Alex from Dr. Porkenstein managed to pull the 3-peat, by winning the Grand Championship! Way to go Alex and Kate!! They just own this contest. I am very happy for ya bud!!!

Cancer Sucks!



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