Monday, June 1, 2009

Taylorville, Illinois

Got into this contest after the cooks meeting, as I had to work. So I was scrambling a little to start off. Got all my meat prepped and everything set up and by 7:30, I was ready to start relaxing... Was next to Jim and Tina Ferguson, who are from Ohio and run the Kettering BBQ contest. Which I highly recommend!!! Thanks go out to Jim for helping me set-up the couple of things that I needed to set up.

It was an uneventful evening. Had more lamb chops with Smokey Joel and Vince. We were all wise and were in bed early. We were expecting some rain overnight and into the morning. We did get to experience a nice anvil cloud. There were actually 2 of them and we were right in the middle of them both. Pretty cool and amazing.

As for the contest results, managed to get a 3rd place call in pork. Which is a nice make-up for the call that I had received the prior week in Westmont... But otherwise, I had nothing that the judges were looking for. There was nothing special in my product. You move on and get ready for the next contest. Lotta Bull won the GC, which is also the second time this year, that he has won GC and they weren't there to accept the award. As it also happened in Stagecoach. RGC went to Bruce Ring, who seems to be getting around a lot better since his back surgery...

Cancer Sucks!



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